PAEA Board Service: Watch Our Webinar to Learn More

Updated June 10

Are you someone who enjoys leadership and governance, has great communication skills, and is interested in strategy and development? Do you desire to be part of the force, at the highest level, guiding PAEA and PA educators into the future? If your answer is “yes,” then consider running for a seat on the PAEA Board of Directors.

The call for nominations for the 2021 PAEA Board of Directors is open, and the Association is looking for people like you to step up to leadership. We know making the decision to serve on the Board should not be taken lightly and that you may have several questions about what this commitment would mean.

You’re in luck! We hosted a webinar on June 9 to discuss what it means to serve on the Board. Members from the Leadership Mission Advancement facilitated a conversation with PAEA President Howard Straker and other board members to discuss Board service and their experience. If you’re planning to submit your nomination, or even if you’re simply mulling it over, we encourage you to watch this webinar recording to learn more about your future in leadership.

Watch the webinar now!

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