Member Community Guide

The PAEA Member Community allows all members to update their program affiliation and access the Digital Learning Hub (DLH), Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)Journal of Physician Assistant Education, member and program directories, event registration, and more. It also allows program directors to assign an account manager, update their program information, approve additions to the faculty roster, and pay membership dues.

PAEA Staff explaining how to update information on a member's profile.

Please be sure to update this information throughout the year as new faculty and staff join your program. If your program affiliation has changed, simply update your existing account by adding a new affiliation with your new program to ensure you maintain the same account throughout your career.

Instructions for All Members

  1. Log In
    • Visit or if you are on, click PAEA Member Community in the top right. Log in or select Forgot Your Password to send a reset email.
  2. Update Your Profile
    • Click the arrow next to your name, on the top right. A drop-down menu will appear.
    • Click “My Profile.” This should include your contact information, title, role/position, credentials, and mailing address for the Journal of Physician Assistant Education.
    • To add information or make any changes, click the “Edit” button.
  3. Review Your Affiliation
    • To review your program affiliation and membership status, click “Membership” in the navigation bar and select “My Affiliations.”

Note: If you have issues resetting your password, email us at

  1. Go to Your Affiliation
    • Click Membership and select My Affiliations. A list of My Active Affiliations will appear.
  2. Add a New Affiliation
    • To add a new affiliation, click Next at the top of page. Search Account/Program Name and enter the required information. Click Next, then Finish.

Note: Adding a new affiliation will send an automated email to your new program director/account manager. They must approve this new affiliation before you regain access to member benefits.

Instructions for Program Directors

If you are the Program director, you may assign one individual at your PA program the role of account manager, which allows them to make account updates, manage faculty roster, and manage membership orders and payments.

Please note that you can only assign one account manager in addition to yourself. If you are changing who this individual is, be sure to remove the original account manager before attempting to add a new one.

  1. Go to Your Roster
    • Click Membership and select My Program Roster.
  2. Assign an Account Manager
    • Find the individual whom you are assigning as account manager and click the drop-down arrow on the far right and click EditCheck the box next to “Is Account Manager” and click Save.

Log In to Your Member Account

Log In

Instructions for Program Directors and Account Managers

  1. Go to Your Program
    • Click Membership and select My Program. Your program’s name will be displayed in the Account Name field.
  2. Edit the Information
    • Click any pencil icon to edit any field. But please do not change your program’s name. If your program name has officially changed, notify by email.

PAEA annual membership fees are due August 1. Programs are invoiced annually in May for the next membership cycle (July 1–June 30). If programs join mid-year then they are invoiced for a prorated amount. Follow the steps below to submit a payment online.

  1. Find Your Order
    • Click Membership and select Make a Payment. Click the Order Number to view the details and invoice of your order.
    • To view and print the invoice, click View Invoice PDF.
  2. Submit the Payment
    • By card (preferred method):
      • Click Back on your browser tab and click Pay by Card to submit payment via credit or debit card.
      • Click Pay Now for order then Continue. Insert payment information and billing address. You may select to save this payment information for future invoices.
    • By check:
      • Click Back on your browser tab and click Pay by Check.
      • Click Next to indicate that you intend to mail a check for payment.
      • Mail your check to the address listed below. Please be sure to include the invoice number alongside the program name for institutional or voting payments, or your name for individual colleague payments.
  1. Get Your Receipt
    • After you’ve submitted payment by credit card, a success screen will pop up. Click View Receipt and print your order confirmation for your records. You will automatically receive a receipt in your inbox. If you did not receive a receipt, please email and one will be generated for you.
    • To view payment history, navigate back to Make a Payment and click the Paid Orders tab.

Credit card payments are preferred. If needed, check payments may be sent to PAEA headquarters. Please be sure to include the invoice number alongside the program name for institutional or voting payments, or your name for individual colleague payments.

Physician Assistant Education Association
Attn: PAEA Membership
655 K Street NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20001

Updating the Faculty Roster

  1. Adding the New Member
    • Select My Program Roster and click the Add New Program Member tab. Click Next and enter their information.
    • If you want to make this individual one of two account managers, check the box for “account manager.” Otherwise, leave it blank.
  2. Verify the Affiliation
    • Click Next again, a success screen will appear acknowledging the new affiliation. If you get an error, this member is likely affiliated with another program and needs to update their own affiliation.
    • Return to the My Program Roster tab and refresh your page to see the new individual on your roster.

    1. Find the New Member Awaiting Approval
      • Click Membership and select My Program Roster or click the link in the automated email notice and log in.
      • Click the Awaiting Approval tab.
    2. Mark the New Member as Active
      • Find the individuals’s name and click in the Status column to update them from Inactive to Active. Click Save.
    3. Updating Multiple Members at Once
      • To update multiple at once, select all member(s) you want to approve using the checkboxes on the left.
      • Click the pencil icon in the right-hand corner to edit all individuals at once. Change Inactive to Active and click the checkbox to update all selected items. Click Save.

    Note: Faculty and staff must be approved or added by the PA program director or designated account manager to gain access to membership benefits.

  1. Find the Member
    • Click Membership and select My Program Roster
    • Go to the drop-down arrow next to My Program Roster and select the My Active Affiliations list.
  2. Mark Them as Inactive
    • Select Click to Remove for the individual you want to remove from your roster. Click Next to confirm, then click Save.