Volunteer Groups and Projects

Attendees chat during the volunteer reception at the 2016 Education Forum in Minneapolis.

Volunteers are the lynchpin that keep the wheels of PAEA in motion — their contributions to the Association are appreciated by our whole staff and the PA educators we ultimately serve. Through volunteer service, members play a critical role in helping advance strategic priorities for the organization while making lasting, valuable connections with colleagues across the country.

There are several types of volunteer opportunities across a range of topic areas, ensuring that there is something for everyone who wants to get involved.


PAEA’s standing committees are comprised of both advisory and operational groups to provide guidance, recommendations, and insights in their specific focus areas to the PA education community. 

Mission Advancement Commissions (MACS)

MACs advise the board on strategic issues related to their mission area.
Diversity & Inclusion MAC
Faculty Development MAC
Leadership MAC
Research MAC

Journal of PA Education (JPAE)

JPAE volunteers play a key role in the development of our quarterly peer-reviewed journal, JPAE. 

JPAE Editorial Board
JPAE Feature Editors

Standing Advisory Groups

Standing Advisory Groups provide guidance, recommendations, and insights to the PA education community.

Awards & Honors Review Committee
CASPA Advisory Steering Committee
Education Programming Steering Committee
Finance Steering Committee
Future Educator Development Steering Committee
Governance & Ethics Board
Government Relations Steering Committee
Grants & Scholarship Review Committee

Exam Development Boards (EDBs)

Members of EDBs play a critical role in the development of PAEA Assessment products.

End of Rotation EDBs
Emergency Medicine & General Surgery
Internal Medicine & Family Medicine
Women’s Health, Peds, Psych & Behavioral Health

End of Curriculum™ EDB

Task Forces and Work Groups

Task Forces are assembled by the Board of Directors to develop high-level generative thinking on important emergent issues. Additional work groups may be assembled by the Board and staff to address specific short-term or periodic initiatives. 

We do not currently have any task forces or work groups. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Take advantage of rewarding personal and professional growth and mentorship opportunities. Through volunteer service, members develop a greater sense of community with their fellow PA educators and help to advance PAEA’s mission.

To be eligible, applicants must be affiliated with a PAEA member institution or hold an individual membership.

Current Openings: View new opportunities and apply

Become a Volunteer

Other Ways to Get Involved

If you’re not ready to volunteer but still want to get involved, consider joining a Special Interest Group.


For questions about volunteering, please email us.