About Us

PAEA is the only national organization representing PA educational programs in the United States. Currently, all of the accredited programs in the country are members of the Association. PAEA provides services for faculty at its member programs, as well as to applicants, students, and other stakeholders.

Founded in 1972 as the Association of Physician Assistant Programs, the Physician Assistant Education Association took on a new name in 2005. Member programs voted to adopt the current name, PA Education Association, in 2022.

Our Vision

Health for all

Our Mission

Advancing excellence in PA education through leadership, scholarship, equity, and inclusion

To accomplish its mission, PAEA seeks to:

  • Encourage and assist programs to educate competent and compassionate PAs.
  • Enhance programs’ capability to recruit, select, and retain well-qualified PA students.
  • Support programs in the recruitment, selection, development, and retention of well-qualified faculty.
  • Facilitate the pursuit and dissemination of research and scholarly work.
  • Educate PAs who will practice evidence-based, patient-centered medicine.
  • Serve as the definitive voice on matters related to entry-level PA education, nationally and internationally.
  • Foster professionalism and innovation in health professions education.
  • Promote interprofessional education and practice.
  • Forge linkages with other organizations to advance its mission.