PACKRAT®: Statistics

Exam Statistics

Each PACKRAT® exam has one form, and each year that form is built using new exam items. The versions are not equated and do not use scale scores, therefore it is not recommended that programs compare cohort scores year to year. The exam consists of 225 items with all test-takers seeing all items.

The data on this page include the mean (μ), standard deviation (σ), standard error of measurement (SEM), and the reliability (r). Each test taker’s score is characterized as the number of items answered correctly. Historical data below represent final first-time test taker statistics.

Scores and Interpretation

Check out more information on PACKRAT scoring and interpretation.

µ (Mean)σ (Standard Deviation)r (Reliability)SEM (Standard Error of Measurement)
Version 25 149.0324.940.936.41
Version 24 140.05 21.080.916.32
Version 23144.6521.450.91
Version 22142.6322.650.926.44
Version 21149.6523.130.936.33

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