End of Curriculum™: Exam Statistics

PAEA knows that having national comparative data is a priority for PAEA member programs using the End of Curriculum exam. The comparative data for Version 1 is based on a reference population. In order to obtain comparative data, a limited release was conducted between August and October 2019. The limited release exam was a full End of Curriculum Exam.

All programs with graduation dates in this window were invited to participate in the limited release. A diverse group of programs, from all regions of the U.S. and with a well-represented student sample, participated. Programs were both well-established and newly developed, public and private, and had large and small class sizes. This ensured an accurate representative sample of PA students and programs. In January 2021, starting with Version 2, the reference population will consist of the previous year’s examinees.

Each End of Curriculum exam has two forms, and national comparative data are available from the first day of administration. With the scale scores, only one set of statistics is needed. The data on this page include the mean (μ), standard deviation (σ), standard error of measurement (SEM), and the reliability (r).

Scores and Interpretation

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End of Curriculum National Data

µ (Mean)σ (Standard Deviation)r (Reliability)SEM (Standard Error of Measurement)

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