Your Students, Your Data

We know that you and your students spend a lot of time filling out our surveys. So first off, thank you! Second, to help make your life easier, we are constantly trying to make the data more usable and available to you. So, for the second year, we are offering our PAEA Data on Demand: Matriculating Students program.

This program was created to help support PAEA member programs that are building longitudinal student outcomes and program evaluation databases by providing the raw, identifiable student responses for any given program back to that program. This way, the student’s responses to the Matriculating Student Survey (MSS) can be incorporated into a database with other variables, such as test scores or exam grades. To be clear: Your program will only receive the responses from your students, you will not receive any other program’s student data.

To receive this raw, identifiable data, each participating program’s student response rate for the 2019 MSS must be at least 80 percent. You also will need to provide documents proving local Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, as well as a completed application, by December 19, 2018.