Webinar: Competency-Based Education

Plan now to become more informed in the new year! In January and February, the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) will be hosting a webinar series on the state of competency-based education across the health professions. All webinars begin at noon Eastern Time and will last for an hour. The schedule is as follows:

January 11 – Competency-Based Medical Education: Understanding the Principles
January 18 – Integration, Competence, and Expertise: Preparing Learners for the Future
January 25 – Generating Trust in Entrustment: An Update from the AAMC Core EPA Pilot Group
February 1 – Continuity, LICs, and Competency-Based Education – 2018
February 8 – Competency-Based Education Across the UME-GME Continuum: The EPAC Program

Facilitator biographies, more information, and registration information can be found on the webinar website.