IAMSE Webinars: PAEA Leaders Collaborate with International Medical Educators

Photo: Pexels

PAEA President Elect Kara Caruthers and former DIMAC Chair Shani Fleming are both among the presenters in a series of webinars on inclusive teaching from the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) that will take place this spring, beginning March 4.  

The webinar series, Strategies for Promoting Inclusivity in Health Sciences Education, will explore strategies related to inclusive teaching, beginning with an exploration of unconscious bias and moving into content related to clinical curriculum and interactive teaching. Caruthers and Fleming will join colleagues from other professions to describe pipeline programs for increasing diversity in the health sciences as well as how to support wellness for students from diverse backgrounds.  

All PA faculty with an interest in issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion are encouraged to attend. Registration is now open.