The Impact of Racism on Health and Well-Being

Did you miss the American Public Health Association (APHA) four-part webinar series on racism and health? Recorded versions are now available for viewing:

Webinar #1: Naming and Addressing Racism: A Primer
Hear why racism is one of the most challenging tools of social stratification faced when trying to improve the health of the public, and discover a framework for understanding racism on three levels.

Webinar #2: No Safety, No Health: A Conversation About Race, Place, and Preventing Violence
Explore the role of public health in preventing violence and the value of engaging many sectors in the solution

Webinar #3: Unequal Treatment: Disparities in Access, Quality, and Care
Learn about the levels of racism within the health care system, unconscious bias in health care, and what’s being done to address public health inequities.

Webinar #4: Racism: The Silent Partner in High School Dropout and Health Disparities
Understand why high school graduation is a leading indicator of healthy adult behaviors and hear discussion on how to dismantle the policies and practices that undermine educational success and health.