Participate in the Matriculating Student Survey and Gain Insights into Your Students’ Experiences

The Matriculating Student Survey (MSS) and End of Program Survey (EOPS) are back! Programs will be able to apply to participate in the surveys beginning on December 17.  PAEA Research has collaborated with volunteers, PA faculty, research fellows, and PAEA staff to ensure that members have access to the most relevant information. The survey collects information from entering PA students on demographics, academic and employment background, factors related to students’ choice of the PA profession and program, educational debt, intended specialty and practice environment, and student health and well-being.  

Student Insights 

The need for more information has increased as PA programs adapt to the seismic shifts brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Programs may now access data if at least 60% of their matriculating/graduating cohort participates in the MSS or EOPS. The Personalized Student Insights Program offers personalized student reports. These reports summarize individual programs’ student responses to selected questions from the MSS and  EOPS and can be compared to the national data published annually in our By the Numbers: Student Report series. Items were chosen for their relevance to program decision-making, evaluation, and self-study.  

In addition, programs may now apply for either identified data (i.e., including consenting students’ names) or deidentified data (i.e., excluding students’ names and other personally identifying information such as ZIP code). The distinction will allow programs to select the option that is most appropriate for their anticipated uses and level of IRB oversight. In the past, the data has been used for academic research or to compile longitudinal student databases for program evaluation or educational outcome research. Interested programs must submit an application where you will provide proof of IRB approval or exemption. All programs interested in receiving their own students’ identified MSS data must submit an application, including proof of IRB approval or exemption, prior to January 1, 2023. You have a calendar year to determine if you would like your program’s student-level data.  

Other Benefits 

PAEA will enter each program that achieves at least an 80% response rate into two drawings.  

  • One program will be selected to receive a complimentary registration to 2023 Education Forum 
  • One program will be selected to receive a $250 debit card 

Students will also have the opportunity to enter a drawing for one of four $25 Amazon gift cards. 

If you would like more information about the Matriculating Student Survey or the Personalized Student Insights Program, please visit the Student Survey and Reports and Personalized Student Survey Insights webpages or contact PAEA Research at or 703-667-4322.