Student Surveys and Reports

The PAEA research department administers surveys and compiles statistics on students at two distinct points in time: when they matriculate and at the end of their program. These surveys are administered annually and reports on the data collected from the surveys are published in the following year. Past survey instruments are available to members.

Student Report

PAEA has been administering the Matriculating Student Survey (MSS) since 2011 and began releasing reports on these data in 2014. For a richer understanding of PA student experiences, PAEA added the End of Program Survey (EOPS) in 2016. In the new Student Report series, we present data from these surveys together, providing a snapshot of PA students at the very beginning and end of PA school. These data are not only of interest to PA educators committed to providing the highest-quality education for their students, but they also form an empirical foundation for advocacy efforts, benchmarking, accreditation, and scholarly work.

Student Report 4
Student Report 4 (published July 2020, updated December 2020)

Previous reports

Student Report 3 (published August 2019)

Student Report 2 (published July 2018, updated April 2019)

Student Report 1 (published July 2017)

Matriculating Student Survey

The PAEA Matriculating Student Survey (MSS) collects information from entering physician assistant students on demographics, academic and employment background, factors related to choice of the PA profession and program, educational financing, intended specialty and practice environment, and student health and well-being. Download past reports below:

2015 Matriculating Student Survey
2014 Matriculating Student Survey

End of Program Survey

The PAEA End of Program Survey (EOPS) collects information from graduating physician assistant students on demographics, program and curriculum experiences, career plans, and educational financing.

Data from the EOPS are now included in the comprehensive Student Report, alongside results from the Matriculating Student Survey.

Mid-Program Student Survey

The PAEA Mid-Program Student Survey (MPSS) was administered in 2015 to a self-selected sample of students who participated in the previous year’s MSS. The MPSS collected data on health and well-being, leadership and service experience, interprofessional education, program experience, and intended specialty and practice environments.

Note: Data from this survey will not be reported annually, but are available as part of raw data and research report requests.