PAEA Jobs Board: What It Is and How It’s Changed

The PAEA Jobs Board is a longstanding resource available for PAEA members and the public to seek out and learn more about open positions at our member programs. Whether an individual is looking to land their first role in PA education or take the next step in their career, the Jobs Board helps forge new opportunities and connects our member programs with potential PA educator candidates. Within the Jobs Board, you can explore recent job openings and find the right role that aligns with your career goals. Jobs can be filtered by program, category, state, or employment type. We encourage our member programs to utilize this resource to expand their applicant pool, create awareness of opportunities in PA education, and help foster professional career growth.

In addition to highlighting this resource for our community, we are excited to share that the Jobs Board recently underwent a refresh! When navigating to the Jobs Board, you will notice a new look. While the purpose and functionality of the Jobs Board remains the same in allowing member programs to post open positions and job seekers to explore openings, the guidelines and process for posting jobs have changed.

Here’s what you need to know:

Program Directors and designated Account Managers now have access to submit a job on behalf of their program through the PAEA Member Community.

Who can post a job?

Program Directors and Account Managers at voting, institutional colleague, or international colleague member programs may post their Faculty and Staff positions to the PAEA Jobs Board at no cost.

How has this process changed?

You will no longer need a separate PAEA Jobs account. Account Managers (including Program Directors) can post a new job straight from the PAEA Member Community.

Moving the Jobs Board into the Member Community allows for a seamless user experience, which means fewer logins and account information to remember. Any previous login credentials for PAEA Jobs will no longer be viable.

More information about the guidelines and specific instructions for posting a job can be found here.

PAEA is proud to support programs in their search for and recruitment of well-qualified faculty and staff through the Jobs Board.

If you have questions regarding the new process or your member benefits posting a job, please email