Proposed Bylaws Amendment: PAEA Business Meeting

Since its inception, the Association’s annual business meeting has been held in conjunction with the PAEA Education Forum. However, we recognize that many of our members are unable to attend the Forum due to financial, travel, time commitment, or health and safety concerns. PAEA’s Board of Directors considers this a barrier to inclusion that directly conflicts with the Association’s new core values. Participation in the governance of the Association is a right of membership that should not be limited by the ability to attend the Forum. 

To this end, the Board has voted to bring forward a bylaws amendment to Article 5.01 that would allow the annual business meeting to take place separately from the Education Forum, at a scheduled meeting to be held either in person, via an electronic platform, or by a combination of the two.

Our members play an essential role in shaping the future of the PAEA, and we encourage programs to discuss the proposed bylaws amendment in advance of the electronic vote on June 8-10, when each voting member’s program representative will cast their vote. Thank you all for your thoughtful participation in this important governance work of the Association.