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PAEA Awards Inspire and Reward Great Work in our Profession

As we embark on another year of excellence in PA education, I am excited about nominations for the 2024 PAEA Awards. These awards represent our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in PA education, embodying the core values of our Association.

The awards are a testament to the dedication and innovation of PA educators who go above and beyond to enhance the learning experience for students and contribute significantly to the field of PA education. This dedication deserves recognition—it demands recognition.

2023 PAEA Awards Highlights

In this light, PAEA supports these awards as a means for PA educators to acknowledge their peers. Presenting these awards at the Education Forum underscores PAEA’s appreciation for its members and their achievements. It’s a moment, amidst our busy lives, to reflect on the great work that we have done, celebrate each other’s achievements, and inspire others to strive for excellence in their own educational journey.

I often reflect on how these awards, crafted by and for the PAEA profession, exemplify our unwavering commitment to excellence. We must never take our promise to our communities, our profession, and ourselves for granted. That’s why we’ve instituted a set of awards that recognizes those who are constantly raising the bar. If you are a PA educator who consistently exceeds the standard, we want to honor you.

Let’s also remember that “education” is central to our Association’s title. The Awards honor those members who have shown a commitment to delivering the best education and maintaining their own ongoing education. We aim to cultivate lifelong learners among our students, and as educators, we must lead by example.

It is a privilege and an honor to shine a spotlight on those who prioritize education in such impactful ways—as both teachers and learners. The PAEA Awards are a meaningful affirmation of our core values.

We hope 2024 will bring a wealth of nominations. I firmly believe that PA educators are relentless in their pursuit of excellence, constantly challenging the status quo, so we know there are many professionals who deserve recognition. 

I encourage you to share names with PAEA, along with details about how these individuals are disrupting and revolutionizing educational traditions for the better. We want to know who has the respect and attention of our community so we can spotlight these remarkable PA educators.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to advancing PA education. Together, we can make the 2024 Award ceremony a celebration filled with the recognition of excellence in our profession.