New Resources for PAEA Assessment Suite of Exams

Beginning at the 2018 PAEA Education Forum, and with a subsequent email to program directors last month, we released new resources on the PAEA Assessment Suite of Exams to help programs understand how the forthcoming End of Curriculum™ exam fits with our existing exams (PACKRAT™ and the End of Rotation™ exams). These resources will help programs with adoption decisions and allow individuals to see all three PAEA Assessment exams as a way to collect a continuum of data that programs can use to ensure they are graduating knowledgeable students.

  • PAEA: A Look at Our Exam Suite video. This one-minute video shows how the exams work together to build students up in preparation for graduation.
  • PAEA Assessment Suite of Exams infographic. This one-page document outlines the continuum of assessment offered by PAEA’s suite of exams, explaining the key differences in what they are, when they should be delivered, and how they are delivered.

Both of these resources live on the PAEA Assessment home page:

The intent of these resources is to provide the foundational information behind a new package option for the full suite of exams. Beginning in July 2019, programs will be able to purchase a complete set of exams for each student for a single, one-time price.

For $420, students may take up to two PACKRAT exams, 10 End of Rotation exams, and one End of Curriculum exam. The package is connected to the student throughout the program, even if they delay graduation. We are making the package available a little early for those students who will be among the first to take the End of Curriculum exam in 2020. If your cohort begins clinical rotations before July, you should plan to continue buying exams a la carte since a discounted package will not be available in time. More information on pricing and purchasing can be found on our new pricing page along with an infographic about the package. The exact date for the package availability will be released as we get closer to finishing up the necessary technological enhancements.

Over the next few weeks, we will highlight even more resources. Until then, you can contact us at with any questions or suggestions for additional resources that may be helpful in the lead-up to the implementation of the End of Curriculum exam.