The PAEA Assessment Exam Package

PAEA Assessment

Pricing and Purchasing

PAEA Assessment exams are rigorously peer-reviewed and securely delivered to ensure you
have meaningful data to assess student medical knowledge on a national level. Pricing is reflective of the process, while remaining accessible to programs at institutions of all sizes.

Each exam has a flat-rate price per exam, per student.


Voting Members


per exam per student
*$45 for non-members

All Members


per exam per student

End of Rotation™

Voting Members Only


per exam per student

Voting Members Only (2020)


per exam per student

End of Curriculum™

Voting Members Only (2020)


per exam per student

Individual exam credits never expire, so programs can buy in advance and assign when they are needed, or purchase before each administration. Our system allows for flexibility depending on program budget and finance policies. Students may not buy their own exams.

PAEA Assessment Exam Package

In July 2019, PAEA will introduce a new package with one price for the full suite of PAEA Assessment exams. Set your students up for success for $420 per student.

What’s Included

Up to two PACKRAT® exams, one for each phase of education.

Ten End of Rotation™ exams for the clinical phase.

One End of Curriculum™ exam to be delivered in the last four months before graduation.

A Continuum of High-Quality National Comparative Data

Didactic Phase

  • Program-Generated Course Evaluations

Clinical Phase


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