PAEA Assessment

PAEA Assessment’s guiding principle is to educate and support programs to graduate knowledgeable and competent PAs who will improve health for all.

PAEA exam score reports provide national comparative data on complete exam forms, giving you the information you need to ensure that your students meet the high standards your program sets relative to their peers across the country.

A Look at Our Exam Suite

Our Exams



Price per exam, per student

  • An objective, comprehensive self-assessment tool for student and curricular evaluation
  • A 225-question tool that is intended to mark important transition points for PA students
  • Can be delivered in a proctored or unproctored environment, with an adjustable testing window
  • Used by 90 percent of PA programs

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End of Rotation


Price per exam, per student

  • A set of objective, standardized evaluations intended to serve as one measure of the medical knowledge students gain during specific supervised clinical practice experiences
  • A set of 120-question (100 scored) examinations focused on the seven core clinical areas.
  • All exam questions are statistically validated for accuracy and consistency by professional psychometricians.
  • Administered 50,000 times each year.

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End of Curriculum


Price per exam, per student

  • An objective, standardized evaluation of a student’s medical knowledge as one component of their readiness for graduation
  • A 300-question (250 scored) examination to be delivered in the last four months of PA education.
  • All exam questions will be pilot-tested with PA students, statistically validated, and set to standards determined by PA education experts.

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Student Exam Box


Price per student

  • A package price for the entire suite of exams
  • Includes two PACKRAT exams, 10 End of Rotation exams, and one End of Curriculum exam
  • Assigned to individual students to set them up for success throughout PA education


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