Dive Into Admissions Data with Curriculum Report 6

PAEA’s latest report, Curriculum Report 6, provides a look into common prerequisites for entry into PA school. This report includes general program characteristics, standardized tests, health care experience, application, and admissions data, and briefly touches on curricular design.

Compared to the last iteration of the Prerequisite Report, which was featured in Curriculum Report 4, this report is more succinct as the data collection process took an untraditional approach. Instead of burdening programs with yet another survey, a website analysis was conducted utilizing IRB-exempt, publicly available data on PA program websites. To streamline the collection process, prerequisite data was collected in conjunction with what information is collected for PAEA’s Program Directory. Critical insights have been gleaned from this extensive search beyond a collection of prerequisite data, such as the accessibility and consistency of admission information, website user experience, and the continued call for action on greater diversity and inclusion practices.

As the desire continues for a more holistic admissions process across the board and universal prerequisites, this report will be a resource to provide programs with the knowledge and insight into making these changes a reality.

Data on Demand

Please visit PAEA’s Data on Demand webpage if you are interested in raw data for your personal research or a custom report for a more detailed view of the data. PAEA’s data request and sharing policies are detailed here

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