Curriculum Survey and Reports

The form, content, and timing of the PAEA Curriculum Survey have shifted throughout the last three decades. In early years, the survey was administered annually as part of the Program Survey, then its administration was pared down to once every three or four years. In 2014, with the guidance of the PAEA Research Council, the Curriculum Survey was divided into three shorter, rotating surveys that collect curricular data on three major phases of PA school: the prerequisites/admissions phase, the didactic phase, and the clinical phase. The first Prerequisite, Didactic, and Curriculum Surveys were administered in 2015, 2016, and 2017, respectively. Results of the survey are released in the year following the close of data collection. You can view the survey instrument from this and previous years here

More Curriculum Information

The following Program and Annual Reports also include some information regarding PA curriculum: 

Access Curriculum Report Data 

Data from the Curriculum Surveys are available to both members and non-members in multiple formats to support ARC self-study, evaluation, benchmarking, research, and scholarly work. Learn more about requesting raw data and custom reports as part of PAEA’s Data on Demand program

Using Curriculum Report Tables & Figures 

Looking for graphics to enhance a presentation about PA education? Members are welcome to take screenshots of tables and figures from our reports for use in presentations. Figures and tables are provided under a Creative Commons license that requires them to be attributed to PAEA, not altered, and not used for commercial purposes. Tables and figures must be attributed to PAEA and reference the report title and publication year.