New and Improved: Program Report 34

By the Numbers: Program Report 34 retains much of the content and layout of Program Report 33 and debuts a new section on tenure at PA programs that will be featured every three years (pp. 29-30).

The annual Program Report’s updates on trends in PA education is the best and most complete summary of PA programs, finances, personnel, and students, including:

  • Cumulative number of programs (p. 3)
  • Payment for clinical sites (p. 20)
  • Tuition (p. 23)
  • Capacity and enrollment (p. 35)
  • Total number of first-year and graduating students (p. 35)
  • Average first-year and graduating class sizes (p. 36)

As PA educators from across the country share innovations with one another, Program Report 34 picks up right where the previous installment left off, with the latest facts and figures to better inform these discussions.

As always, Program Report data are available to researchers interested in getting access to raw data for their own research. Please note that Program and Curriculum Survey data requests are exempt from the IRB approval/exemption process. These are the easiest raw data to request. Custom reports are also available to PA faculty members who would like a more focused research report on specific items. Our data request and sharing policies are detailed here.

For questions, comments, and suggestions, please contact the Research Team at or 703-651-8536.