PAEA Custom Reports

PAEA collects a wealth of data from PA programs, faculty, and students, and publishes regular reports that are freely available to members. In addition, PAEA offers custom End of Program reports summarizing individual programs’ student responses to the End of Program Survey. These reports can be requested by programs to aid in accreditation and self-study efforts.

Members and non-members may also request other custom reports (e.g., average program director salaries for programs in a specific state or region) from the Research Team for a fee. If workload permits, the staff will work with the requester to fulfill the request.

Both types of requests will only be honored if the PA program is in good standing, meaning dues are up-to-date and the program has completed the most recent Program and Curriculum Surveys.

If you have any questions, please contact the PAEA Research Team at



PAEA reports and publications are produced in various formats including, but not limited to, print media, web documents, and electronic media (e.g., PDFs). These are considered the intellectual property of the Association and should be cited accordingly.


The PAEA Research Team and the Research Mission Advancement Commission selected items from the End of Program Survey (EOPS ) — which is administered to graduating students — that directly address multiple components of the ARC-PA Accreditation Standards for Physician Assistant Education (4th Ed.). Programs that achieve at least an 80% response rate among their graduating class are eligible to receive a custom report summarizing their own students’ responses to these questions. A report summarizing data from all PA programs is published annually the spring after the EOPS closes, allowing for program benchmarking against national data.

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Interested programs must submit a request form. Programs will receive their custom report within 10 business days of the Research Team verifying that the minimum response rate for their graduating class has been reached. You can preview a blank copy of the report. Programs will be required to agree to the following policies:

  • Student participation in the End of Program Survey is strictly voluntary.
  • No individually identifying student information will be released.
  • This report will only be made available if the participation rate among the graduating cohort is at least 80%.
  • This report will be generated using students’ unaltered, raw data.
  • The report template cannot be changed. Any requests for further information must be made as part of PAEA’s Data on Demand service.
  • The report must be properly cited in any published works in any format, or in other forms of dissemination of the report in whole or part.
    • Suggested citation: Physician Assistant Education Association, PAEA Custom Reports: End of Program prepared for (Name of Program), Washington, DC: PAEA, 2018
  • Violation of these stipulations may result in forfeiture of any further access to PAEA data.

Request End of Program Report

This service is free for member programs and does not count toward programs’ hour of free data request services. Six months after the report is sent, the Research Team will send the program a link to a brief follow-up survey. This survey allows PAEA to track the outcomes of the Custom Reports program and improve its services. All programs are strongly encouraged to complete the survey and provide feedback.



Currently, member cost is calculated at a rate of $50.00 per hour for staff time that exceeds one hour per calendar year. The one-hour fee waiver does not apply to requests for students, including PA students. Non-members are charged $100.00 per hour with no waiver of the first hour. Members must have completed the survey section(s) for which they are requesting data. For example, if requesting a custom tuition information report, that program must have provided tuition data for the survey.

PAEA Custom Reports Request Process

Details on how to request a customized report are below:

Step One:

  • Request data reports by completing a PAEA Custom Reports Request Form
  • The following fields must be completed to allow reviewers to determine the potential benefit to the PA profession, in relation to the potential burden on the Research Team staff or members:
    1. Name and contact information of the person requesting the research report and anyone else who will use the research report (if applicable)
    2. Affiliation with PAEA
    3. Affiliated institution/organization
    4. Immediate supervisor and contact information (i.e., email, phone number). In the case of a thesis or dissertation, provide advisor’s name and contact information.
    5. Purpose and intended use of research report request (e.g., research project, benchmarking)
    6. Details about data needed (source, year, variables, format of results, etc.)
    7. Date the research report is being requested

Request Custom Report

Step Two:

  • Report requests will be reviewed by the PAEA Research Team staff to determine eligibility (e.g., member status) and that all required elements have been included.
  • For non-member requests, a conference call is required to discuss how the data will be used, as well as intellectual property issues.

Step Three:

  • After the initial review is complete, research report requests will undergo a full review by the Research Team. Review of requests will have one of three conclusions: approved, approved with revisions, or not approved. If unable to provide as requested, the Research staff will contact the requester to determine if there is a desire to amend the request. If the request is approved, staff will communicate approval to the requester with an estimate of the cost. Currently, member cost is calculated at a rate of $50.00 per hour for staff time that exceeds one hour. Non-members are charged $100.00 per hour with no waiver of the first hour. Non-members are required to pay half of the estimated cost prior to the release of the research report and the remainder within 30 days of delivery. Members are required to pay 100% of the cost within 30 days of delivery. The final product will be delivered via email, typically in a PDF format.
  • Six months after the request is closed, the Research Team will send the user(s) a link to a brief follow-up survey. This survey allows PAEA to track the outcomes of the data request program and improve its services. All users are required to complete this survey.