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Mary Jo Bondy Shares Resources for Student Success

At PAEA, we continually look to the future. As our new mission states, we are dedicated to advancing excellence in PA education through leadership, scholarship, equity, and inclusion. This mission begins with your students. Their innovations, passions, and successes are the building blocks by which we pave the road toward health for all.

As your education association and the top resource for PA educators, we understand what your students and programs need to function efficiently. Our team has created a variety of exceptional resources to help you educate the next generation of compassionate, competent PAs. Make sure you’re taking advantage of all the support available by sharing these opportunities with your students.  

Learn more about PAEA’s key student resources:


Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA):

  • CASPA, our centralized application service, simplifies the PA school application process for applicants. It also helps to build a national and diverse applicant pool for all participating programs. Moreover, CASPA provides a rich database of applicant and matriculant data via the WebAdMIT admissions portal.
  • WebAdMIT is a robust admissions management solution that helps you work more strategically to recruit, evaluate, admit, and enroll best-fit students for your institution.
  • Analytics provides data-driven insights to help you spot trends and shape your class, giving your school a secure and robust way to explore multi-year applicant and application data using visual representations and dashboards.

PA Program Directory

Pre-PA students and advisors can find program locations and filter by state using PAEA’s Program Directory.


PAEA Assessment

PAEA Assessment goes beyond our formative and summative tools to help programs educate qualified and competent physician assistants, and help those future PAs prepare for the responsibility that lies ahead.

  • PACKRAT® | An objective, comprehensive self-assessment tool for student and curricular evaluation.
  • End of Rotation™ | A set of standardized evaluations intended to serve as one measure of the medical knowledge students gain during supervised clinical practice experiences.
  • End of Curriculum™ | An objective, standardized evaluation of a student’s medical knowledge as one component of their readiness for graduation.
  • Student Exam Box | PAEA now offers a package option with one price for the full suite of PAEA Assessment exams.

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Student Fellowships

PAEA fellowships offer PA students an invaluable opportunity to engage at the national level on education and health care policy, allowing them to develop leadership skills and gain experience that they will take with them into their professional careers. 

  • Future Educator Fellowship | A year-long fellowship designed to explore foundations in teaching, expose students to the current educational environment, and expand professional development and leadership opportunities.
  • Student Health Policy Fellowship | In recognition of the critical role of PA representation in health policy debates at the local, state, and national levels, this fellowship opportunity provides students with the skills necessary to serve as influential leaders on behalf of PA education and the PA profession.

Pi Alpha Honor Society

Pi Alpha is the national physician assistant honor society organized to promote and recognize both PA students and graduates. Membership signifies inductees’ significant academic achievements and honors them for their leadership, research, community/professional service, and other related activities. The society also encourages a high standard of character and conduct among students and graduates. Learn more about the Honor Society.

PA Student Professional Learning Community

PAEA has created a Professional Learning Community (PLC) exclusively for PA students, in which students can share resources, articles, and tools to support one another. PAEA knows that spaces for candid conversation and connection are critical, and we are honored to leverage our digital learning space for those conversations to occur. To ensure that the PLC remains a safe and brave space for students, program faculty and staff will not have access to the PLC. Current PA students with a valid program-affiliated email address ending in .edu can sign up for an account.

A Place to Go with Questions

If prospective or current students have any questions, they can email us at students@PAEAonline.org.