Launching PAEA’s 2023 Student Surveys

As 2022 comes to an end, PAEA is excited to announce the release of our 2023 Matriculating Student Survey and End of Program Survey. On December 12, 2022, the invitation to these surveys will be sent via email to program directors that are expecting matriculating and graduating students in January 2023. The remaining programs will receive email invitations that include the survey link and sample messaging to forward to students approximately two weeks prior to their program’s matriculating/graduating month.  

Students should expect no significant changes in this iteration of student surveys since there was a significant revision for 2022. Below are a few highlights of each of these surveys: 

Matriculating Student Survey 

  • Continued questions to assess their health and well-being
  • Updated demographic questions to ensure we are being inclusive and consistent 
  • Opportunities for students to provide qualitative responses to certain questions and to select questions for additional insight and understanding 

End of Program Survey

  • Continued emphasis on student mental health and stress during PA school 
  • Opportunities for students to provide qualitative responses to certain questions  
  • Questions geared toward student’s perception of program equity, diversity, and inclusion principles  

To preview the questions asked in the 2023 student surveys, please refer to the blank copies below.    

Download the Matriculating Student Survey 

Download the End of Program Survey 

Reviewing Student Insights  

There are two ways programs can request program-specific data. Personalized Student Reports provide a summary of individual programs’ student responses to selected questions from the student surveys and can be compared to the national data published annually in our By the Numbers: Student Report series. These reports are made accessible to programs if at least 50% of their matriculating/graduating cohort participates in the Matriculating Student Survey or End of Program Survey. This eligibility requirement has been lowered from previous years to make this data more accessible to programs and encourage greater participation. 

The second way programs can obtain individual program-level data is by applying for either identified data (i.e., including consenting students’ names) or deidentified data (i.e., excluding students’ names and other personally identifying information) for the Matriculating Student Survey, only. All programs interested in receiving their own students’ Matriculating Student Survey raw data must submit an application, including proof of IRB approval or exemption prior to January 1, 2024, and have a minimum of at least 50% of their matriculating cohort participate in the survey. 

Thank you for your annual commitment to PA research. As always, the PAEA Research Team is happy to assist with these student surveys at any time. We can be reached at or 703-667-4322.