How to Talk About Race, Power, and Privilege

Mark your calendars for Thursday, December 12, at 10:00 a.m. ET for the next installment of the George Washington (GW) University health equity series of webinars. 

PAEA President Elect Howard Straker, EdD, MPH, PA, assistant professor and director of the GW PA/MPH Program, and Susan LaLecheur, DrPH, PA-C, professor in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies, will discuss how to talk about race, power, and privilege in the classroom.

This session will discuss how to create a safe and inclusive classroom for vulnerable conversations while sharing strategies and tools for facilitating discussions about bias; including race/class/sexuality in case studies, and teaching beyond the “hidden” curriculum. Attendees will learn to:

  • Name three common challenges that make instructors and learners feel discomfort with discussing race, power, and privilege
  • State comfort with translating the School of Medicine & Health Sciences curriculum guidelines on how to talk about social differences in case studies and discussion boards
  • Acknowledge the need to push back against limited canons of texts, resources, and stories that either perpetuate stereotypes or normalize dominant narratives on social identities

For more information about the series and to register, visit the GW website.