Fluoroquinolone Safety Labeling Updates

On Tuesday, April 4, join the FDA’s Division of Drug Information for a webinar on fluoroquinolones. Specifically, the webinar will cover:

  • The disabling and potentially irreversible constellation of adverse events that have been associated with the use of systemic fluoroquinolones
  • The importance of stopping the fluoroquinolone antibacterial drug at the first sign that a patient is experiencing a serious adverse reaction
  • Situations in which risks of fluoroquinolones outweigh benefits
  • The small treatment benefit of antibacterial drug therapy for ABS, ABECB, and UTI
  • The clinician’s difficulty in identifying the disabling and potentially irreversible adverse reactions associated with fluoroquinolones

The webinar will be presented by Joseph G. Toerner, MD, MPH, and Debra Boxwell, PharmD. To register, visit the webinar website.