A Peek at PA Educators

During these tumultuous times, having quality data at your fingertips is more important than ever. That is why we are proud to release the newest addition to our By the Numbers: Faculty & Directors Report series.

Faculty & Directors Report 4 summarizes your responses to the 2019 Faculty & Directors Survey and provides an overview of PA program personnel characteristics, education, employment history, salaries, job satisfaction, and more. Although sea changes have occurred since data were collected in 2019, this report is still brimming with useful insights, including the ever-popular salary disaggregations (Section 6). Other highlights include information about:

  • Salary by years of experience as a PA educator and at the program (Tables 61–62)
  • Types of doctoral degrees held (Table 15)
  • Transitions from clinical work to academia (pp. 10–11)
  • Clinical work arrangements (Section 5)
  • Consideration of the program director career path (Table 40)
  • Research and scholarship productivity (Section 9)

As with all of our reports, you are invited to dive deeper into the data. Researchers interested in getting access to raw data from this survey and members who would like a more focused custom report on certain items from this survey should check out our data sharing policies.

If you have feedback or questions about this report, please send a message to the Research Team at