2016 Election Successful; Board of Directors Confirmed

Polls are closed, the election is complete, and a full 2016 Board of Directors has been seated. The five newly elected Board members will begin their terms in January 2016.

In the final round of voting, 81% of member programs cast their votes. This is one of the higher participation rates in recent years, and the largest percentage of programs participating since we introduced online voting for Board elections in 2014.

Board Secretary Howard Straker, MPH, PA-C, validated the election results after polls closed. “This was a historical event for the organization,” Straker said. “It demonstrates both the growth of the Association and also the strong and growing interest that members have in participating in the leadership. However, with growth comes growing pains. We will look at refining the process in 2016 so that we can resolve the next election more quickly.”

Thanks to all who voted, and to those who urged their program directors to participate in these multiple elections. And congratulations to the new members of the PAEA Board of Directors.

Winners of the 2016 Election

William Kohlhepp William Kohlhepp, DHSc, PA-C
Quinnipiac University
President Elect
Carl Garrubba Carl Garrubba, MPA, PA-C, CPA
Chatham University
Kara Caruthers Kara Caruthers, MSPAS, PA-C
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Director at Large
Kevin Schuer Kevin Schuer, DrPH, MSPAS, PA-C
University of Kentucky
Director at Large
Michel Statler Michel Statler, MLA, PA-C
Rosalind Franklin University
Director at Large