Use the New Online Platform to Apply for up to $2,000 through the Career Advancement Scholarship

PAEA has created a new online application platform to apply for the Career Advancement Scholarship. The scholarship allocates $10,000 per fiscal year to award scholarships of up to $2,000 to PA faculty and full-time PA program staff presenting research posters or presentations at scientific meetings with a preference for meetings and conferences other than the PAEA Education Forum or the AAPA Conference. This scholarship is intended to stimulate faculty and staff to work toward developing research suitable for presentation at national meetings and increase the visibility of PAs and PA faculty researchers at meetings where high-level health care decision-makers are present.  

In addition, the scholarship funds professional development opportunities such as webinars, skill-building courses, and certificate programs. The pandemic exposed the limits of conference funding and prompted us to offer support for faculty members to enhance their research skills and learn new research methods, software, or research models.  

Applications must be submitted through the online application platform with the following materials:  

  • Rationale for scholarship request 
  • If you are presenting at a conference or meeting, please provide: 
    • A notice or letter of acceptance to the conference or meeting 
    • A copy of your accepted abstract or proposal, as submitted to the conference or meeting if you are making a presentation 
  • If you are applying for a training program and are approved for funding, please provide proof of registration 

If you do not receive confirmation of receipt within two business days or have any questions about the scholarship, please contact us at or call 703-651-8540.