Survey Completion Pays Off for Southwestern PA Program

The PAEA Research Team is pleased to announce that the recipient of one complimentary registration to the 2020 Education Forum in Austin, Texas, is the Arizona School of Health Sciences PA program. The program qualified for the prize drawing after completing both the 2019 PAEA Program and Curriculum Surveys before September 15.

The Program Survey collects information about program structure, program and student financial information, student and faculty characteristics, and much more. The content of the Curriculum Survey corresponds to the major phases of PA school curriculum: the prerequisites/ admissions phase, the didactic phase, and the clinical phase and rotates every year. Both surveys are administered annually, and the data collected are important for program benchmarking and capturing an accurate snapshot of PA education.

Congratulations to the Arizona School of Health Sciences PA program. If you have any questions about the Program and Curriculum Surveys, please contact the PAEA Research team at