Release Your Inner Leader This Summer

The Leadership Lab is a new member engagement opportunity that is being held at Emory University on August 3–4. If you’ve been thinking about exploring or enhancing your capabilities as a leader, this could be just the experience you’ve been looking for.

Whether you are a seasoned PA faculty member or new to PA education, I am certain you will find new ideas, expand your connections, and have something to bring back to your program by attending this inaugural event.

Day 1 of the Leadership Lab includes an introduction to The Leadership Challenge® model, a practical, evidence-based leadership framework, heavily reliant on team-building, learning activities, and hands-on experiences that you can share with your faculty and students. On Day 2, we will be introducing an “unconference” — a participant-driven approach to tackling topics in leadership. Attendees will choose priority areas for discussion. Our Mission Advancement Commission chairs will facilitate conversations allowing participants to share experiences and use their collective knowledge to generate solutions to common challenges faced by PA educators. In addition, we are delighted to feature PA faculty, who will deliver “Ted Talk”–like presentations on selected leadership topics.

During the event, there also will be opportunities to interact with PAEA staff and volunteer leadership to learn more about PAEA leadership opportunities and resources to support your programs.

Leadership is critical to our profession. It is not lost on me the symbolism of this first-time leadership experience being hosted at Emory University. Both Dr. Eugene Stead and Dr. Harvey Estes, pioneers and leaders of our profession, were educated at Emory School of Medicine. What a special way to honor the legacies they created by continuing our own development as leaders together.

Register here for the Leadership Lab by July 27.

If you have questions about the event, please contact Kendall Mealy at We look forward to seeing you in August!