Putting Learning into Practice – Nadya Dimitrov

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Nadya Dimitrov

Name: Nadya Dimitrov, DPM, PA-C

Title:  Clinical Associate Professor 

Program: Stony Brook University PA Program

Program URL:

What PAEA learning activity did you attend and when?
Beyond the Basics: Enhanced Skill for PA Faculty Workshop (2011) 

Would you recommend this learning activity to other members and, if so, why?
As a clinician with a passion for education, I found the calling to a post-professional PA master’s program to be somewhat of a challenging uphill climb. Initially, I doubted my ability to perform on multiple levels as both an academic and clinical professor. However, I was given the opportunity to attend a PAEA enhanced skills workshop. Although it was over ten years ago, I still have the workbook and refer to its many resources (people and paper!) to guide and inspire me. 

What was your biggest takeaway/”aha” moment?
There were so many areas that I soaked in like a sponge, but I distinctly remember two things that resonated with me: the community of academic scholars that were willing to share their expertise; and the need to maintain the sense of the whole picture of the curriculum. It gave me confidence to face the challenges and continue to believe in the way in which PAs are trained. I was exposed to tools that I eventually utilized. I enjoyed sharing them with other faculty in my own program – if not immediately then somewhere they would surface when most needed. 

Tell us about what you have put into practice because of this learning activity. Curricular mapping and learning tools. An in-depth understanding of the nature of adult learners was necessary, and ways in which to incorporate this into the training process for PAs. This is particularly vital in this post-pandemic time. 

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