Referral Linking to the Rescue — Easy Access to JPAE

We all know the frustration of trying to access something online and being thwarted at every turn. Well now, thanks to referral linking — a popular solution for expedited online access — getting to where you want to go on the members-only area of the PAEA website requires only a single sign-on. That’s right — no more clicking through various links or entering multiple passwords to find what you need. With just one log-in, you can easily access the program directory, your membership profile and history, and journal articles.

Simply go to and log in. On the left-hand sidebar, you will see links for different member options, including one for JPAE. From there you can access and download any article, current or archived, that you might be interested in reading. We think this will make your life a little easier, so be sure to check it out.