Putting Learning into Practice – Lindsay Kalinowski

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Lindsay Kalinowski

Name: Lindsay Kalinowski MS, PA-C

Title:  Assistant Professor

Program: Eastern Michigan University

Program URL: https://www.emich.edu/chhs/hphp/programs/physician-assistant/

What PAEA learning activity did you attend and when? Best Practices for Using Aquifer in PA Programs (May 2020)

Would you recommend this learning activity to other members and, if so, why?
This webinar gave context on how Aquifer can be used to meet program needs. The webinar explored ways to use Aquifer, including remediation. Hearing from PA educators about how they used Aquifer in their program was very helpful. I think the resource is especially valuable since it is easily accessible in the Digital Learning Hub.

What was your biggest takeaway/”aha” moment?  Strategic use of the cases can complement or remediate specific learning goals, like interpreting a urinalysis.

Tell us about what you have put into practice because of this learning activity.  I’ve used Aquifer in the didactic year to introduce concepts on their own, then used Aquifer content and style in the classroom. The class would begin a case; the students worked in small groups on an Aquifer-style question; and then returned to discuss with the large group.

I’ve assigned Aquifer cases to support student learning when they are not able to attend in-person programming, like a simulation or while on clinical rotations.

I’ve tried their pre-made workshops to reinforce pathophysiology concepts.

NOTE: This webinar took place in May 2020. A recording and resources are available to members in the Digital Learning Hub.

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