Physician Assistant Program Websites: The Definitive Guide

We are pleased to announce a new resource has been developed for all new and existing programs to use for their respective program website. The guide was created after an extensive website review in which all PA program websites nationwide were analyzed and data was collected on more than 70 different variables. Data were collected using Internet searches of publicly available, IRB exempt information. Variables included but were not limited to; general admission information, unique program features, and financial responsibilities. The guide has also been reviewed by staff members at ARC-PA to ensure it aligns with the accreditation standards.  

For developing programs especially, we hope this resource will provide them with a concise way to ensure the most pertinent information is included on their websites. We know that the process to gain and maintain accreditation is lengthy and oftentimes, a complicated journey. Our hope is that this guide can act as a small reprieve.  

Beyond the Guide 

We hope to make this data publicly available for all programs in the near future so they may use it for their own research initiatives.  Additionally, the rich dataset will alleviate some of the inconveniences of participating in PAEA surveys through data harmonization efforts and pre-population.  

If you are interested in accessing the guide, click here. If you have any difficulties accessing your account and are a member, please reach out to