PAEA Seeking 10 Additional Programs to Join the PRAC-ED-PA SUD Curriculum Workgroup

In 2019, PAEA was awarded a two-year Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant to support the creation and distribution of a standardized substance use disorder (SUD) curriculum with the assistance of 10 pilot programs for the first year. For Year 2 of this grant, known as PRAC-ED-PA, we are soliciting an additional 10 programs to join the effort, refine the content based upon feedback from the first year, and deliver the curriculum to a cohort of their students.

Following the development of the curriculum by the initial 10 pilot programs, the inaugural administration of the 8-hour online PRAC-ED-PA SUD curriculum has been very successful and reflects the dedicated work of the pilots in adapting existing curricular resources from SAMHSA-funded organizations.

A student from the University of Oklahoma–Tulsa PA program said:

“I have completed the curriculum and thought the content was great and will definitely be helpful in the future. The interface for the online curriculum was especially nice to work with. It was easy to navigate and well organized. The video within the curriculum on how to counsel a patient was great to see, and it would be helpful to have more of those for different substances or for some of the behavioral disorders. For me, seeing the actual conversations and hearing the way providers phrase their questions is helpful for learning.”

Notably, this grant allows for direct support to be provided to the participating programs in the form of honoraria for their efforts. These $5,000 honoraria will be distributed to each PRAC-ED-PA program that completes requirements specified by PAEA staff.

Interested programs must be willing to participate in continuous quality improvement of the existing curriculum, integrate new evidence as appropriate, agree to deliver the curriculum to one student cohort, and participate in data collection for future research activities. Quarterly and as-needed conference call participation with the participating programs and PAEA will also be required.

The selection process will be blinded and includes completion of an application form that can be accessed through the individualized emails sent to program directors on June 18. An additional consideration beyond the quality of the application answers will be the geographic distribution of selected programs. Programs housed in minority-serving institutions are strongly encouraged to apply. The deadline for submission is 11:59 p.m. ET on July 15, 2020.

The first-year PRAC-ED-PA pilot programs were: South University, Richmond; Yale University School of Medicine; Case Western Reserve University; University of South Alabama; University of Oklahoma–Tulsa; Lake Erie College; Wichita State University; Marshall B. Ketchum University; Emory University; and the CUNY School of Medicine.

If you have questions regarding the selection of additional programs to join the PRAC-ED-PA effort, please contact Dave Keahey at