PAEA Road Trip Trivia Challenge: Build your Professional Development Library

This year, PAEA took a road trip — virtually traveling across the U.S. visiting more than 20 of our member programs. Each stop along the way reinforced what we already knew — that we have talented members who are innovative in their approach to PA education. We learned how programs educate students to provide primary care in rural and medically underserved communities, the different ways that programs offer leadership and community engagement opportunities, and how they encourage in-house interprofessional education, just to name a few. If you missed any stops along the way, links to all of the feature articles and webinar recordings are available on the PAEA Program Showcases page.

Road Trip Trivia 

What is your favorite part of a good road trip? Is it checking out the unique shops and roadside attractions, taking in the new scenery, or singing along with the radio? Or maybe it’s the fun road trip games like the “license plate game,” I Spy, or other games unique to your family that help the miles pass by. As we conclude our 2021 Road Trip series this month, we challenge you to a game that we are calling PAEA Road Trip Trivia.  

Question 1: For what campus “celebrity” does Hardin-Simmons throw an EPIC Birthday Party each year? 

Question 2: Which program shares its location with the hometown of Frank Lloyd Wright, Chris Farley, and Georgia O’Keeffe? 

Question 3: What industry did Susan Solman from Florida International University highlight for their training on skillfully transferring people with paralysis? 

Question 4: Which California program director said: “Social justice is the bedrock of our institution”? 

(Hint: Go to the PAEA Program Showcases page as your starting point to find the answers.) 

The first two members to email the correct answers to the four questions above to will receive their choice of one of the three professional development books that we featured in this year’s PAEA Coffee Chats. A list of the books and links to the session recordings are below. 

A Win All Around 

When planning our Road Trip series, our mission was to foster collaboration among our members to facilitate scholarly work, but it also had an internal impact. Tiffany S. Maxwell, DHSc, MSA, PA-C, program director and department chair at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, co-led a session “Diversity is not a risk…..It’s a shift!” She commented on the impact in preparing for this session, “Our students, faculty, and staff had a chance to witness the beauty of different cultures and hear different languages, listen and relate to personal stories of trials and tribulations, and I thought that brought all of us closer as a program.” 

Marie Meckel, MS, MSEd, MPH, PA-C, assistant professor at Bay Path University, said she is thankful for the experience and described the process as “magic.”  Preparing for their feature article and webinar gave her program “a chance to recap and document what we are doing. The process made it more of a group mission and highlighted everyone’s skill sets. Everyone has a gift.” 

Remember to keep the conversations going through the Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Also, please keep us posted on the work you are doing by submitting your member story through the PAEA website at We look forward to featuring you in 2022. 

A special thank you to all of our member programs who participated in the Road Trip program. We love your collaborative spirit and learning about your programs. Also, thank you to PAEA staff: Karen Hills and Dylan Boyle for their work envisioning and executing this series, Zeina Makky for helping with the website, promotional graphic, and initial application process; and Elizabeth Alesbury for her editorial support each step of the way.