PACKRAT® Is Here to Stay

In a development 23 years in the making, the PACKRAT® name is officially official! Our long-time self-assessment tool has been granted a registered trademark from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This allows us to better protect our rights to PACKRAT as the name of an educational resource should anyone use it in a way that misleads the public about the exam’s use or intent.

If you currently list PACKRAT in your course syllabi or student handbooks, or if you once served on the PACKRAT Exam Development Board (or its predecessor bodies) and list it on your CV as a publication you co-authored, please change the superscript TM (™) to the circle R (®) symbol.

PACKRAT, which stands for PA Clinical Knowledge Rating and Assessment Tool, is an objective, comprehensive self-assessment tool for student and curricular evaluation. It is one part of the PAEA Suite of Exams that evaluate students’ medical knowledge throughout their PA education.

We are currently working on registering the names of our other exams as well, so stay tuned for more updates.