PA Ranked Among Best Jobs in America

Job website Glassdoor released its 2016 list of Best Jobs in America, and PA ranked seventh. Scores were tallied using three factors – number of job openings, salary, and career opportunities. Nurse practitioner, the only other health care profession on the list, came in at 23.

2016 Scores for PA
Job Openings: 3,364
Median Base Salary: $97,000
Career Opportunity: 3.5
Job Score: 4.6

In 2015, PA ranked number one on Glassdoor’s list. The slip in the rankings may be at least partly attributed to a change in the way job openings were determined. Previously, job openings were counted over a three-month period. In 2016, job openings were counted on only one particular day (January 8, 2016).

Meanwhile, U.S. News & World Report ranked PA as number five on its 2016 100 Best Jobs list. Incredibly, the top 12 jobs were all in health care professions.