Grants Available for New Minority Leadership Workshop

This year, as part of PAEA’s increased focus on diversity and inclusion, we have launched a major new Pando™ workshop — Leadership 101: Developing Minority Faculty Leaders. You can read about the workshop here:

We’re excited to offer this original faculty development opportunity, and particularly interested in seeing it set a new standard for integrating diversity and inclusion topics into our offerings. In addition, we want to signal the importance of this topic by making it as accessible to our members as possible.

Therefore, as part of our commitment to diversity and to the success of this faculty development opportunity, PAEA is investing $11,000 in grants for the Leadership 101 workshop. These grants will cover the registration fee for at least 15 attendees.

Given the limited number of grants available, we encourage you to register for the Leadership 101 Pando workshop as soon as possible. If you happen to register after the initial 15 grants are made, please add yourself to the workshop waiting list, as we may have cancellations or additional funding we can allocate.

Note: These grants are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limit of one grant per PA program. Grants are contingent on attendance; if you register and don’t attend, PAEA will invoice you for the full registration fee. Grants cover registration fees only and do not apply to the cost for travel and accommodations.