Data You Can Relate To — PAEA Research Reports Just Released

Are you interested in the demographic make-up of student cohorts at other PA programs? Curious about their budgets and what they charge for tuition? Wondering if other programs pay for clinical sites?

Well, here are the answers! Valuable data from your program and the other member programs — analyzed and organized.

Responses to all of those questions that you took the time to answer on last year’s program survey have been compiled into our signature research publication, Program Report 32: By the Numbers: Data from the 2016 Program Survey, which has been published annually by PAEA since 1984.

Also just released is PAEA’s Curriculum Report 1: By the Numbers: Data from the 2015 Prerequisites Survey. This report has been divided into three parts: Prerequisites/Admissions; Didactic Phase; and Clinical Phase, with publication of each part rotated every three years. Find out detailed information about other programs’ admissions processes, including required coursework, health care experience, GPAs, and more.

Feel free to use the data in these reports to enhance presentations, write research articles, or just to impress your friends and colleagues with your vast knowledge.