COVID-19 Rapid Response Report 4 Released

PAEA is pleased to release Rapid Response Report 4 as we continue to support PA programs navigating the shifting landscape of health care and education rocked by the novel coronavirus. In 2020, PAEA began releasing a series of COVID-19 Impact Surveys that collected timely data on how programs had been impacted and were responding to the abruptly changing circumstances brought on by the pandemic. The Rapid Response Reports present the narrative of programs’ pandemic experiences, providing insight into how they have adapted to the changing reality of PA education. This fourth report delves into how PA educators and students alike have continued to evolve and even thrive in the face of challenge and uncertainty. 

The fourth COVID-19 Impact Survey was administered to programs in 2021 from July 27 to August 24. Rapid Response Report 4 sheds light on some new topics, such as programs’ minority-serving status and justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) practices. Additionally, the report is the first of the series to offer a mixed-method analysis of program directors’ responses to issues of JEDI amid the heightened social awareness of the disparities and social inequities within medical education unearthed by the pandemic.  

A few key takeaways include: 

  •  50% of programs eliminated in-person interviews and transitioned to remote/virtual interviews. 
  • More than half of programs (51.9%) have a working definition of what diversity, equity, and inclusion mean. 
  • More than 20% of programs foresee an increased dependence on technology for learning and patient care having a long-term impact on students. 
  • Nearly 50% of programs reported that having a dedicated DEI officer or leader employed at their program or institution facilitated the advancement of DEI goals. 

Access the report in our Digital Learning Hub. 

COVID-19 Rapid Response Report Series 

We hope that PAEA’s Rapid Response Reports serve as a source of new and welcome ideas as your program continues to evolve to meet the challenges of this highly dynamic crisis. With the trajectory of the pandemic constantly changing, these reports are designed to support programs in their operational decision-making. 

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