CEO Timi Agar Barwick Elected FASHP President

PAEA’s CEO, Timi Agar Barwick, was recently elected president of the Federation of Associations of Schools of the Health Professions (FASHP) — the organization that brings together associations representing health care educational institutions. The 14 member organizations represent associations with an educational mission in medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, and other professions. Barwick began her term at the beginning of this year, having previously served as secretary and treasurer.

“Being part of a group that includes other professions helps give PAEA access and leverage we would not have alone,” said Barwick, “and allows the health professions to provide strong collective input on policy issues.”

Among the issues FASHP will be tackling this year are the pipeline to the health professions and developing lines of communication with the new administration. Most FASHP members recently signed on to a letter seeking clarification on the administration’s executive order on immigration, and the group is drafting principles to guide its decision-making about signing on to future letters and statements for which the collective voice of the health professions can have a greater and unified impact.

Barwick’s term began in January of this year and continues through the end of December 2018. PAEA hosted the first FASHP meeting of the year in our offices in early February.

“This is an opportunity for PAEA to raise its profile and exercise leadership in a wider community,” said Barwick. “It helps us to broaden our reach and to do some benchmarking against organizations that are similar in focus and membership to PAEA.”