Call for JPAE Anniversary Issue Contributions

As most of you are aware, the PA profession will soon be celebrating its 50th anniversary, and the Journal of Physician Assistant Education will be commemorating this major milestone. The journal’s Editorial Advisory Board is currently planning a special anniversary issue to be published in 2017 — and we need your help with the celebration.

Do you have a relevant or timely topic you would like to write about? We are looking for authors to contribute articles of interest to the PA education community for this special issue.

We currently have articles being written about the history of the PA profession, the challenges of clinical education, the applicant pool, diversity, the degree issue, the international spread of PA education, PAs in medical education, PAEA’s story, the impact of PA research, and PA advocacy.

But there’s so much more to talk about. Other possible topics include:

  • student debt
  • influence of electronic media on students
  • online degree programs
  • accreditation
  • influence of Title VII and funding on programs
  • technology effect on PA curriculum
  • optimal program length and structure
  • Is there need for a medical director?
  • relationships between faculty and students – personal narrative
  • veterans in PA education
  • primary care to specialization training
  • role of simulation
  • or any other interesting topic that you might have in mind

Any author(s) planning to submit a potential manuscript must first submit an outline of the proposed article for review. Outlines for potential articles are due January 15, 2016; final drafts will be due March 14. All submitted articles will go through the peer-review process before being accepted.

For questions, please contact Libby Alesbury, JPAE managing editor, at or Editor in Chief David Asprey at