Announcing JPAE’s Transition to Online Publication

Last week, we informed our members that beginning in 2023, ​the Journal of Physician Assistant Education will move to online-only publication. This means that the December issue will be your last print issue.

JPAE’s Editorial Board and PAEA came to this decision after many months of ongoing and thoughtful discussion. We believe this transition will benefit both authors and readers for several reasons:

  • It will reduce the time from submission to publication. As a result of a dramatic increase in the number of submitted articles over the past five years, we now have a robust pipeline of articles waiting to be published. However, because of an allotted number of printed pages per issue, we have been limited in the number of articles that we could publish.
  • The expedited timeline will attract more high-quality articles and research.
  • The transition to online will allow us to include more articles in each issue, providing readers with more research studies and ideas for elevating their work to educate our future PAs.
  • We will be able to publish time-sensitive articles more quickly, addressing current issues and concerns in real time.
  • Eliminating paper copies of JPAE will decrease the environmental impact, saving trees and reducing waste and energy costs.
  • Most important of all, this change will increase the long-term sustainability and relevance of JPAE, allowing us to continue publishing the valuable, PA education-focused content that readers have become accustomed to receiving on a regular basis.

As always, JPAE is easily accessible through the PAEA website, which takes members to the most recent issue as well as back issues of the journal, optimized for viewing on any device.

To access the journal online as a member benefit:

  • On the PAEA website, select Member Community in the top right corner of your screen
  • After logging into the membership portal, click on the JPAE link on the top menu bar
  • Sign in with your PAEA ID