Top 9 Reasons for Students to Become Future Educator Fellows

For the first time, PAEA will invite PA students to attend the Education Forum. This Future Educator Fellowship (FEF) is designed for students interested in a potential PA education career. Up to 25 fellows will be selected to attend the 2015 Forum in Washington, D.C., held November 11–15, 2015. (Students will attend November 13–14.)

Here are nine reasons why this is a fantastic opportunity:

1. Attend Education Sessions: FEF participants will attend student-focused workshops and presentations. Certain general sessions will also be open to fellows.

2. Networking: Hundreds of faculty and dozens of program directors attend the Forum each year. This is an opportunity for students to learn more about what it takes to venture into PA education — directly from those who experience it every day.

3. Lunch with the Board of Directors: All fellows will be scheduled for an exclusive meet and greet with PAEA’s Board of Directors.

4. Affordability: As part of the fellowship, students will receive a stipend of up to $1,000 to help cover the cost of travel, hotel, and meals.

5. Poster Presentations: Students will have the opportunity to submit posters of unique research, as first authors, to be shared the during the Forum poster session on Saturday morning. (Students who submit a poster are highly encouraged to apply for the fellowship.)

6. Leadership Training: Fellows will attend a leadership training session specifically tailored to them. The session will help them begin to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become a PA education professional.

7. Advocacy: Student fellows may be afforded an opportunity to join PA faculty in meeting with political leaders on Capitol Hill to advocate for the PA profession.

8. Awards Luncheon: Fellows will attend the annual PAEA Awards Luncheon and be introduced during the ceremony. 

9. Trailblazer: FEF participants will be the first PA students to attend the Education Forum — the first of what PAEA intends to be a strong future pipeline.

Applications are due July 1st. Learn more and apply.