Become a PA Education Research STAR!

Do you have a research project that requires surveying all PA programs in the country? Would you like to have someone else administer the survey and hand off the data to you when collection is complete? Now you can!

PAEA’s Support to Advance Research (STAR) program opens Thursday, December 1st! The STAR program, developed by the PAEA Research Council and research staff, allows faculty of PAEA member programs to submit up to 10 questions (including all branching questions) for inclusion in the annual Program Survey, which is administered to all member program directors. Following the close of the 2017 Program Survey and related follow-up, the researcher will receive de-identified data from their questions.

As a part of the submission, faculty members may also request a limited number of other fields from the survey to be included in the data they receive. This extra data must be directly related to the proposal’s research question(s), must not identify programs, and will be up to the discretion of Research Department staff and the Research Council.

Proposals should be emailed to the research department at by Tuesday, January 31. More information about the program, submission instructions, and formatting requirements can be found on PAEA’s website. Any questions should be addressed to PAEA Research Department staff at the email address above or at 703-667-4335.