Apply Now for Prestigious Harvard Macy Program

PAEA is pleased to announce that, for the third year, we have secured a position for a PA educator in the prestigious Harvard Macy Institute’s Program for Educators in Health Professions, for which program funding will be provided by PAEA.

The program provides “a select group of participants with the knowledge base and skills to enhance their expertise in both conducting an educational project of their own design and taking a leadership role in the educational activities at their institutions.”

Ultimately, the program aims to give participants the skills and knowledge to step in and lead change in medical education through a mix of personal and professional development and exposure to the broader medical education community.

The six major themes of this program are:

  1. The science of learning
  2. Teaching skills and strategies
  3. Inquiry and evidence in education
  4. Curriculum design
  5. Leadership development
  6. Innovations in education

Participation in this prestigious program will not only enhance professional development and innovation at your program, but will increase opportunities for interdisciplinary awareness and collaboration. A scholarship of $6,200 will be awarded to one candidate selected by PAEA to attend the program. (Please note that the stipend covers only the program cost and does not include travel, lodging, etc.) We encourage all interested and eligible members to apply for this outstanding opportunity.

To apply for the PAEA scholarship, please include the following:

  • CV/Resume
  • Response to the following question (500-word maximum): What do you hope to gain from this program, and how would your participation impact the educational process of the PA profession?
  • Project Proposal (view the program website for background and information). Please note, the project plan you develop for the PAEA scholarship application is the same project you’ll submit for Harvard Macy, so completion of the application should not be extensive.
  • Use the following questions to formulate the one-page project proposal (limited to a maximum of 3,300 characters including spaces) of the institutional project you plan to develop during the program.
  • Project title
  • Focus of project: What is the primary focus of your project? What question, concern, problem, or situation is addressed by your project?
  • Project and assessment design: List 1–3 specific goals of your institutional project. Describe your project, plan for implementation, and assessment data. Identify 2–3 short-term indicators that progress is being made. What outcomes will define success?
  • System in which your project will be introduced: What individuals or groups (stakeholders) are needed to achieve your plan? Who will be interested in or impacted by your proposal? What sources of resistance are you likely to encounter?
  • What target population will your project implementation affect? (select as many as needed):
    • Undergraduate, graduate, or continuing professional development
  • What is the educational focus of your project? (select as many as needed):
    • Teaching and education, curriculum design, faculty development, assessment and evaluation, or educational technology

Applications are due to PAEA by November 15, 2019. The individual selected by PAEA to receive the scholarship will then need to submit an application to the Harvard Macy Institute program by January 10, 2020.

Please send any questions and all application materials in a single PDF file to Isabelle Jones, with the subject line “Harvard Macy Application: [Name].”