Application Deadlines Near for LBGT PA Caucus PA Student Leader Fellowships

The purpose of the Student Leader Fellowship program is to develop PA leaders in medicine who reflect the communities they serve. The LBGT PA Caucus has joined forces with fellow constituency organizations to support future leaders within Black and Latinx communities.

  • The 15th annual Student Leader Fellowship is open to all sexual and gender minority PA students.
  • The 2nd annual Student Leader Fellowship, offered jointly by the African Heritage PA Caucus (AHPAC) and the LBGT PA Caucus, is open to all PA students who identify as sexual and gender minorities and Black or are of African heritage. This year this fellowship is being expanded to empower future PA leaders of other intersectional and diverse minority backgrounds.
  • The 1st annual Student Leader Fellowship offered jointly by PAs for Latino Health (PALH) and the LBGT PA Caucus is open to all PA students who identify as sexual and gender minorities and are of Latinx heritage. PA Elias Villarreal has generously funded this fellowship.

All fellows receive 12 months of leadership development and professional networking with their future PA colleagues. The intersectional fellowships also include a unique monthly mentorship opportunity with LGBT PAs of color, providing fellows with a supportive professional community. Fellowship alumni continue making an impact through their service in elected board leadership roles after their graduation.

Application Deadlines and Eligibility Criteria

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