Annual Program Survey Extended to February 15

The 2021 Annual Program Survey has been extended until 11:59 a.m. on February 15. The Program Survey is the most comprehensive of PAEA’s surveys and the data informs national standards across several aspects of PA education. With this being the first Program Survey released since the start of the pandemic, the data is crucial in understanding how to best move forward during these unprecedented times.  

George Washington University’s Program Director, Karen Wright, PhD, PA-C, explains the importance of these surveys:  

“As a program director, I believe it is important to complete the PAEA Program Survey because the data can be used to inform important administrative and curricular decisions. In addition, the data is used by our faculty and staff to establish our program metrics and compare them to national benchmarks. We are fortunate that PAEA conducts these surveys to ensure we have access to national data. If all programs participate, the data collected will be a true representation of PA programs’ financial, personnel, student, and curricular characteristics.”  

Dr. Wright continues to describe how simple it is to request data provided in the By the Numbers: Program Report, in which she uses the data for her own institution needs and in collaborative research. According to Dr. Wright, “requests for data have been quick and provide a rich and comprehensive dataset for analysis to support various research questions.”  

Every Tuesday, the PAEA research team sends out a reminder to program directors (sender: to complete the survey. If you need your link to be re-sent to you at any time, please notify   

The PAEA research team welcomes questions about the survey via email, or you may call us at 703-667-4322. We are happy to provide any assistance.    

A special thank you for the insights contributed by Program Director Karen Wright, PhD, PA-C.